Visiting central part of the country offers you an insight into the lives of indigenous people of Bhutan ( MONPAS ). Its is a great opportunity to explore Animism ( BON religion ) which has been passed down to the Monpas by their ancestors thousands of years ago. Central Bhutan has been home to the most revered Royal family of Bhutan until 1960s. It is time to discover many of Bhutan’s ancient cultural and religious monuments.

Places of Interest in Central Bhutan

  • Trongsa : Trongsa, previously Tongsa, is a Thromde or town, and the capital of Trongsa District in central Bhutan. The name means “new village” in Dzongkha. The first temple was built in 1543 by the Drukpa lama Ngagi Wangchuck, who was the great-grandfather of Ngawang Namgyal, Zhabdrung Rinpoche, the unifier of Bhutan. Weather: 1°C, Wind S at 2 km/h, 90% Humidity
  • Bumthang : Bumthang District is one of the 20 dzongkhag comprising Bhutan. It is the most historic dzongkhag if the number of ancient temples and sacred sites is counted. Bumthang consists of the four mountain valleys of Ura, Chumey, Tang and Choekhor, although occasionally the entire district is referred to as Bumthang Valley. Area: 2,717 km²Population: 17,820 (2017)CapitalJakar
  • Zhemgang : Zhemgang District, is one of the 20 dzongkhags comprising Bhutan. The place is of high interest to Bird wataching group. It is bordered by Sarpang, Trongsa, Bumthang, Mongar and Samdrup Jongkhar Districts, and borders Assam in India to the south. Administrative center of the district is Zhemgang. Area: 2,421 km²Population: 17,763 (2017)CapitalZhemgang

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